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 New releases on Steelwork Maschine

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PostSubject: New releases on Steelwork Maschine   Thu 18 Jun 2009 - 18:12

Service Spécial "NORD" (CDR/Digipack Blanc)
NORD” is the second full-length CD of Belgian project Service Special.

In this record you can find twelve tracks from rhythmic & darkly melodic synth, cold minimal electronics with haunting female & male vocals, to pure industrial muzak.

Service Special is the solo project of Sebastien Schmit (member of K-branding).

MP3 "Transhumanism"
MP3 "Epaulard"

Irrumatorium "Also Sprach My Ass" (CDR/Digipack Blanc)
Irrumatorium is also known as St Pierre and his project 47Ashes, he creates improvised electronic sounds somewhere between '70 cosmic drones and old school industrial music, using only an analog modeling synthesizer directly recorded live in digital two tracks...
"Because it's like a manifest against the post-modern world !" says Irrumatorium.
After some collaborations, "Also Sprach My Ass" is his first solo album, based on artist's thinkings or critic ideas who's especially motivated his life : the readymades by Marcel Duchamp, the international situationism, the book Fight Club, the Occam's razor principle, the inexplicable missing of The Gerogerigegege, etc.
Can you imagine the result of this maximal references condensed in minimal music ?

MP3 "To All Vintage Synths"
MP3 "Bicycle Wheel

Hikikomori "s/t" (CDR/Digipack Blanc)
Dark ambient /ritual music from Tours.
Music for and from the morgue, merging cold electronic soundscapes and eerie drones with various forensic tools.
No living life form was harmed during the recording of this album.

MP3 "Untitled III"
MP3 "Untitled VII"

Our productions are available here :
Streaming catalog : LastFM/Steelwork Maschine

Blog Neon Rain : (mix, unreleased tracks, lives, etc...)

New tracks of Westwind on Myspace.

-Chant Of Uriel - from the 1st CD of "Ravage"
-Alles Ist Grün - from the 2nd CD of "Ravage"
-Eliminate! (edit version) - ifrom the EP CDR "Eliminate! Exterminate! Eradicate!". This is a premaster and edited version (original lenghts around 13 minutes)
-Roman Chant I - from a private CDR that was distributed for free to celebrate Roman's birth in March 2007

Online Shop :

Most Of The Taciturn - Silent Accuser
Dead Man's Hill - Esoterica Orde De Dagon
Rosegarden - Novenna ReEdition
Madness & Civilization - Civilization And All Its Created
Torturing Nurse - Fade Away But Not Ending
IHVHLXXII - Shemhamphorash
IHVHLXXII - Dtzenioutha
Enemite - Wu Yuan
Most Of The Taciturn - History of Iron & Blood
Eltan Renaxy - Weird ballads in my town
Songs Over Ruins - The Evil Influence Lingers On
Most Of The Taciturn - Nan King
Zhu Rong - Zhu Rong's Anger
Shadow Theater - S/T
Vladislav Buben - VIM
Thunderwheel - Credo
Miel Noir - Der Honigflügel
Refuse To Die - Collection Of Agnostic Flies
Kreuzer - In Hoc Signo Vinces
Surma - Allocutio
Surma / Kreuzer - Viltis
Gioventu Suicida Studentesca - Lovely Happy Italy
Brandkommando - Love Forever
Vava Kitora - Prithivi Mandragoire
D.B.P.I.T. - Journey to the center of noise
HFATTM - Hotfuckactiontothemaxxx
Bardoseneticcube - Lord Of Light
Bardoseneticcube - Saturn Wind
Recant - Spirochete Fever

LastFM/Steelwork Maschine
Myspace Steelwork Maschine
Steelwork Maschine Facebook Group
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New releases on Steelwork Maschine
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