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 REPEAT/DELETE (Chemlab side-project)

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PostSubject: REPEAT/DELETE (Chemlab side-project)   Fri 11 Sep 2009 - 13:56

Hell, this track is absolutely brilliant !!!!!!!!! You gotta hear it !!!!!

Quote :

This is another one of the flikkers that I've been snatching recently as Plastic and I work through the massive pile of noise-blurrr that makes up the blast sites of the Prude record and the material that he and I are doing together on our own as REPEAT/DELETE.

This track's called Kings Of The Republic Of Nowhere. It's about some of the damaged guys that I knew in my old neighborhood and how they never really made it out in one piece. That was ages ago, back before there was anything except raw electricity, back when I was elastic in ways that I never appreciated, back in the days when there were no car wrecks, no blackout, no broken promises, no heaven or hell, just the asphalt beneath my sneakers.

It'll be appearing in cloned and mutated shape on the Prude record The Dark Age Of Consent. It's also coming out soon on vinyl on the record that Plastic and I are working on called 'The Future Was Then' from the Speed Trials series. The song will also be in the company of 'collapsed paper stars' which is here in case you missed it:

There's more noise to follow now that the needle's in the groove.
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REPEAT/DELETE (Chemlab side-project)
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