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 Sonic Crayon Hollow Earth tremolo/LFO pedal on ebay

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PostSubject: Sonic Crayon Hollow Earth tremolo/LFO pedal on ebay   Thu 22 Oct 2009 - 18:36

Quote :
You are bidding for a custom-painted Sonic Crayon FX Hollow Earth. It is hand-built from small-time but experienced at-home builder.

The Hollow Earth is a programmable LFO/tremolo that allows you to "draw out" custom waveforms, even groups of differently timed waveforms and loop it as a tremolo or expression-out. It has a few additional functions such as random-LFO shape, trigger mode (trigger the LFO once with sound input, like a guitar pluck), depth and smoothing like seen on regular tremolos, and a bank of up to 10 storable preset waveshapes.

More information including demos can be found here:

Video demo of an early prototype, functionally no different from this one:

It is functionally no different from the ones being sold with the "vanilla" painjob. Here's your chance to bid on one and bypass the several-month waitlist! You will also be supporting a small-time builder! A note on expression-out. It is not CV, so I have no idea if it will work with Moog pedals or synths, though it might. It also does not work with a number of pedals that expect sleeve/ring/tip from the expression pedal. So far it includes the EHX HOG and the Eventide Timefactor. It works fine on others though, like the Boss PS-5. This is not because it is broken or anything, but is a current limitation with the design.

Comes with no adapter or manual. Requires 9v DC 2.1mm Boss-style plug that is used by so many things. At least 200mA, and must be center-negative! If you are not sure, ASK! The "manual" is the official product site, videos, and you can email me (the builder) with questions. A proper manual will be made eventually. it is also totally guaranteed for normal proper usage.

Shipping (USPS) will be aproximatelly $25 to the US and Canada, insured and with tracking. Contact me for overseas.
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Sonic Crayon Hollow Earth tremolo/LFO pedal on ebay
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