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 PY & Side Pro Non Album Track ! [the new topic!]

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PostSubject: PY & Side Pro Non Album Track ! [the new topic!]   Wed 30 Jun 2010 - 13:26

Here my list:

Ambassador 21 - Right To Die (feat. PUNISH YOURSELF)
Punish Yourself - Keep an open mind
Le Diktat - Satan buddies (vs punish yourself)
Punish Yourself - Elvis Died For You (Zodiac Mindwarp Cover)
Punish yourself - Enter me now (Xtasy Remix)
Punish Yourself - Endzeit Banh Bao (Apocalypse Remix)
Punish Yourself - Gimme [More] Cocaine
Punish Yourself - Lucifer burger 666% fat (hellywood soundtrack mix)
Punish Yourself - Mole IX
punish yourself - Night-club (version 1.0)
Punish Yourself - Sexystem
punish yourself - soul power hunter
Punish Yourself - Suck My T.V. (edit)
Punish Yourself vs Ambassador 21 - Les Elephants (berurier noir cover)
Punish Yourself VS The Cult Movie Memorial - Do Not Trust
Punish Yourself vs. Cult Movie Memorial - Khalifa / Replacement For Anything
Punish Yourself - Fear The Day When The Pigs
Punish Yourself - No One To Talk With (Remix - F.Y.D.)
Punish Yourself - Blast Off (Tribute to Roland S Howard)

Tagada Jones Vs Punish Yourself - Nation To Nation
Tamtrum - Zero Killed (feat. Punish Yourself)

Berurier Noir - Vive Le Feu (Punish Yourself remix)
Collapse - Tribe & scorn (punish yourself remix)
Helltrash - I Am The Enemy (Punish Yourself Remix)
hiv+ - just one x-god (punish yourself remix)

Jabberwock - Dirt (punish yourself remix)
Legacy of music - Psychoblaster (by punish yourself)
Muckrackers - flug (boombastic jazz mix by punish yourself)
Sayag Jazz Machine - Dallas (22-11-1963 Mix' Par Punish Yourself)
Shizit - Herdcore (Punish Yourself Remix)
Sidilarsen - Surhomme (remix by punish yourself)

Punish yourself - (My name is) Legion (Live)
Punish yourself - Shiva only is god (Live)
Punish yourself - Than a thousand suns (Live)
Punish yourself - Zmeya (Live)
Punish Yourself - Come On (Live Artcade)
Punish Yourself - Worms (Live Artcade)
Punish Yourself - They Don't Want You (live)
Punish yourself - french pigs - end of the western world (live at the rehearsal room)

Fast Forward - Revenge (Ft. VX 69)
Micropoint - Zombie Room (Ft. Vx)
Jabberwock - Bombzilla (vx 69 remix)
Sith - Destroy you (feat vx from punish yourself)
Ambassador 21 (Ft. Joey Keithley, Schizoid, Miss Z, VX69) - Revolution Is A Business (For Young People)

1969 was fine

1969 was fine - altamont baby (live bordeaux 2006)


track i cannot find ! if somebody have! tel me please!!

Punish Yourself - M.Q.V.P.H.V.D.F. (1:42)
Rumours about angels - Leaves Scars (Punish Yourself Remix)
Dispossessed (live) (une compil live dont j'ai oublié le titre)
Night Of The Hunter - démo (compil des Skalopards anonymes)


I probably forgot a lot of track, so if you want to help me, it's nice, especialy for the C69 tracks Smile
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PostSubject: Re: PY & Side Pro Non Album Track ! [the new topic!]   Wed 30 Jun 2010 - 16:57

- Thee Virginal Brides & Cheerleader69 "Is Architecture Erecting A Substitute Cock?"
(v/a - With Eyes Wide Open For A Brighter Future - CD - House Of The Last Light - Israël - 2006)

- Cheerleader69 "The Frontline (Trailer)"
(v/a - Delicatessen: A Taste Of [walnut + locust] - 3"CDr - [walnut + locust] - Canada - 2007)

- Cheerleader69 "Phung"
(v/a - Strange Encounters - A [walnut + locust] Sci-Fi Compilation, Volume One - 3"CDr - [walnut + locust] - Canada - 2010)

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PY & Side Pro Non Album Track ! [the new topic!]
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