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 [PWYC compilation] Christmas Is Not Your Friend - Volume Two

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PostSubject: [PWYC compilation] Christmas Is Not Your Friend - Volume Two   Mon 24 Dec 2012 - 16:42

Quote :
Oh, sweet circular magic. We are standing at this blind moment of celebration. Why blind? because some of us do not even celebrate the holiday, or holy day, but the certain moment. Through culture and education we, or a big part of us at least, keep this date, or this short part of the year, in a special place in our hearts. Some of us share certain religions while others simply do not, but I think that something moves, even if far away from the consumption and waste of electricity in the shopping malls that are tainted with the red color of blood and the green color of greed, even in our confined layers, and brings light to life, even if for a little while.

We hope that this gift of music from some great artists, enclosed in our friendly manner, will bring you joy and happiness, for another year until salvation or departure.

1. Flavien Gilliť - Sa Belle Gueule Dans Les Journaux
2. Troy Schafer - Chicago Metra Rock Island Train Platform
3. Behold The Beast, For Which I Have Turned Back - Calculating The Number Of Animals Being Slaughtered In Order To Celebrate The Birthday Of The Son Of God
4. Cruise [Ctrl] - In The Heart Of A Circle Of Twelve Sycamores
5. Pigswill - Empire
6. Congregations - Hayley
7. Thee Virginal Brides - Slug Meditation
8. False Flag - All The Children Were Dead Or Crying
9. Stolen Light - Black Friday
10. Eric Boivin - Fading Beacon
11. Loopool - Sun Standing Still
12. Goose - The Day After Thanksgiving
13. Montreal No Orkestar - You Look So Good In Red Spandex
14. .cut featuring Gibet - Bleach Bride (Blank Blind Remix By Pine Tree State Mind Control)
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[PWYC compilation] Christmas Is Not Your Friend - Volume Two
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